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March 16, 2013 . App . Comments
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tl;dr; Beech is available on the App Store, please download it, and use it !

It’s finally here !

Wait is over, after a few months of intense hard work, well actually not that hard and not that intense, @lucchaissac and I released the first version of Beech.

The App is registered under my account, that’s why it’s listed as being developped by me, but I can assure you that Luc is also a member of the team.

Enough talk, this is what it looks like :

help screen 1 help screen 1

Those images are stolen from the “Welcome tour” that is presented to new users after their login

Main features

One bad news is that the App is only available in French so far. But that will change really soon, I’m currently working on an english version, and will deploy it soon. It should only be a matter of weeks, it depends on my availability. But anyway, I think that the App is simple enough so far that everyone can use it, not need to be a french expert to understand how it works.

The basic features we wanted are available :

  • You can “beech” any beers you like
  • If the beer you love is not in our list, you can suggest it, and we’ll (quickly) review it and validate it
  • You can earn cool badges based on what you drink
  • You can follow your friends beechs

Future improvements

Here are the things we’re working on right now to make the app even more awesome

  • An english version (of course !)
  • Connection with other social networks, at least twitter and facebook
  • Comments and likes on each beech
  • Geolocation, so we can then tell you where you can find your favorite beers and so on …
  • And many more features that will pop into our heads in the future
help screen 1 help screen 1

Those images are also stolen from the “Welcome tour” that is presented to new users after their login

Working on your own project is fucking awesome

The main thing I learnt while working on Beech, except that I definitely hate xcode, objective C and in general Apple, and before someone ask, yes I use a macbook and have an iphone, but seriously, there are some things I really hate when developing an iphone app :

  • itunes connect, and in general every thing on the Apple Developer Portal, suck so hard that it is sometimes surrealistic
  • why am I forced to use xcode, seriously the thing is not that bad, but when you use it intensively, it crashes at least once per day. Really ??
  • objective-c … well I don’t like it, that’s it.

Enough about that, the only thing I wanted to say, is that working on your own project is so far one of the best thing I did in my short career, and the reason is simple :

You make the decisions, not the stupid client.

What it meant for us is that we were able to implement our designs and our features, whereas when working on client projects, we always ended up changing all our original ideas because the client decided that he didn’t like it.

Wanna help us ? The server’s code is on my github account, go check it out if you’re interested on how it works :, and you might find some bug/issues and could help me fix them ! And if you want to participate to the development that’s even more awesome !!

The end

Please follow us on twitter (though it’s really calm so far, we will change that soon!), and if you have any questions, remarks, ideas, please send us an email :

Don’t forget, you can download the app here :

One last thing, please go check out Luc’s job on Dribbble, or his portfolio, it’s really awesome ! (and not he didn’t bribe me so I say that !)

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